Scott St. Peter at a Race

              Scott St. Peter’s love for vintage Porsches happened early and he began painting them at the age of 16.  He gained professional experience by working at various auto body shops during and after college before joining the Penske Race Car Museum in Southern California as a key technician where he received five years of intense training in the art of restoring museum-quality, Indy winning racecars.  

              He then spent another seven years as a technician with Penske’s Indy Race Team, contributing to their 1992, 1993 and 1994 Indianapolis 500 Championships (while, at the same time, driving for and managing his own Formula Atlantic race team). 

              He subsequently took the opportunity to hone his management skills in collision estimation and quality control management for two of Penske’s Los Angeles area Toyota dealerships. 

              More than 18 years of industry experience eventually led Scott to open his own body shop, Pasadena Auto Body.  But after years of working on newer model cars, he chose to return to his first love – restoring classic Porsches to their original (correct) glory.  “Rescuing them” as he says.  So he opened Carrera 6, a restoration facility with an emphasis on the Porsche line. 

             Over the years Scott has developed a world-wide reputation as a seasoned and knowledgeable expert in the area of vintage Porsche restoration.  In addition to projects he’s completed for others, he has owned, raced and restored many rare and valuable Porsches of his own.  Several magazine articles have been written about him and his extensive skill and knowledge, and he is often asked to serve as an appraiser and/or consultant on other peoples’ projects.  

We understand you are in the market for a Porsche 917.  Please let us know what type of 917 you’re looking for:  917K, 917/10, 917/30 or 917 Open Spyder.   Scott is available to travel anywhere in the world to help inspect cars for legitimacy, authenticity and “correctness”.  Essentially, to help you find the car that is right for you.